Everyone might have heard Freedom of expression as a universal right, Honestly, Most of us don’t even recognize the exact meaning of Freedom of expression as well as the term “universal”? I can begin this by way of greeting people all around. How are you my dear typically male chauvinistic society who is trying day by day to engulf my individuality? You may be wondering why society is being related in the beginning. Why wonder? This is what we do. All the women out there, their first concern is “What will people say”. Society cannot capture my thoughts. I won’t allow it till it understands my capability.  We all are capable of doing right for ourselves; all we need is a proper form of motivation, which in my case may be named as Fuzia.com

Wondering, what it is? The wait will be soon over.

So, freedom of expression, huh! What’s it first? The right to freely express one’s opinions and thoughts without being scared of landing in trouble… it is this freedom which makes a country like India, the world’s best democracy. However, you get the concept that it is not truly established. Like ideas on paper and ideas in exercise, each of the ideas is distinctive. With the operation of Freedom of expression comes the excellent age-old operation of the patriarchal society which not only takes away the freedom of choice but also freedom of expression.  Fortunately for us, not all are stars against us; the only constant is working its way through it. Thanks to modernization, globalization and the world of the internet in the form of a global platform, Fuzia.com for playing the crucial role in giving women a chance to express beyond the boundaries set by so-called morally upright patriarchal society.

Fuzia.com is an exceptional creative platform for women around the globe to freely express their ideas, opinions, stories,  photographs, articles, fashion, art, craft, videos, collages anything which expresses their feelings, desires suppressed or repressed by unnatural causes.

The core team behind the success of Fuzia.com 

Core Team

The aim behind building Fuzia was to give women a chance to associate with gifted personalities having similar interests crosswise over the globe and fabricate significant inspiring associations.

Fuzia.com is a platform for all, as it gives many alternatives such as:

  • Everybody is proficient, some are excellent writers, a few are high-quality photographers, some are good performers, a few are skilled in the field of artwork, it is their skills, pursuits, and thoughts that lead them to be awesome in a unique way and Fuzia.com is that one store in which you can exhibit your expertise free of cost.
  • Everything comes at a price, well not at Fuzia.com, as the virtual lounge of Fuzia.com helps you to learn a skill of your choice and boost up your self-confidence.
  • Out of work, not a problem as Fuzia.com can help you polish your skills and look for right and safe work for you.
  • All the loners out there can easily connect with people all around the globe. They can also explore a new nation’s culture via a talent-oriented Fuziaites.

So, all the women out there, what I intend to say is that women of every age, color, caste, creed or country nothing matters, all you need a talent which is an innate ability which everyone is born with. My talent is playing with words. There are people who are still very much unaware of their talent but don’t be disheartened ever.  You can quickly switch to contests and campaigns held at Fuzia.com. You can engage in any competition and get your hands on amazing gift vouchers or prizes.

You can also be part of latest trends like #metoo, express your opinions, you can also get your article to publish, join an internship at Fuzia.com, you can write a quote, appear in Fuzia.com Shoutout box, and post a video, picture collages, story as well as many other entertaining activities.

I know finding a safe social media portal is a tough task, but not to worry ladies, Fuzia.com is both safe as well as a secure option, unlike my Facebook buddy.  We all talk about Women empowerment, but you know the only way to empower women is to give them a chance. If you go with the latest stats, you will find the scarcity of opportunity and the lack of people taking real steps. But we can take our first step which will help our daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, and grandmothers to empower. That step would be enrolling into Fuzia.com.

Fuzia.com has taken a real appreciable step by making them available with a platform to voice their opinions. I would like to thank Fuzia.com for opening up such opportunities.

I would like to express my gratitude to some of the people. The primary person, to start with, is the founder of Fuzia.com, Riya Sinha, and the women behind this exquisite concept.


The next person would be the Director cum Co-founder, Shraddha Varma for the amazing control of the Fuzians.


My sincere thanks to the Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Sakshi Shrivastava, a gem of someone with a terrific strategy of bringing all splendid women together


A unique thank you goes to the other two pillars Riya Kumar and Ria Singhal as the core team members of Fuzia’s world.


In case you are seeking out the actual inspirations, you are just in the proper place.

Thinking wherein you may hook up with fuzia’s “She world of talent fusion”, well, your social media accounts can quickly help you meet and greet Fuziaites. You can make use of your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus as well as your LinkedIn account to log in to Fuzia.com

© Sheela Joby


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