Let the Fun Begin!

Here’s an Event that’ll take you “Over the Rainbow “


The winter is at its peak and a common phrase that’s echoing in every household with a toddler sounds something like this – “I am BORED”.
Yes, mommies, I feel your pain!

With the winter chills posing a threat of the ‘achoos’ and ‘ahems’ you are left with not many options to entertain your tiny tots. If only there was a source of entertainment for your restless toddlers who seems bored-to-tears.

Well, here’s the good news, on 25th-26th January, curtains will be unveiled to a Fantastic Fiesta that’ll take your toddler ‘Over The Rainbow’!

Amrutha Yuvaraj and Bijithra Jagadesh Kumar have gone all out to curate a recreational extravaganza that includes a frivolous fiesta of Fashion, Food & Fun.
I’m already off to the gala event at Brookefields Banquet Hall, COIMBATORE and I must admit the itinerary doesn’t just appeal to the little ones, it also includes some activities that even a grownup like me would love to indulge in.


What can you look forward to at Over the Rainbow?

Glad you asked…

The rainbow theme symbolizes 7 inspirational women who depict the 7 colors of the rainbow and who are also going to open the event on January 25th.

The event offers you a chance to win some Free Goodies that Hamleys India is giving away to the first 250 kids who come to #OTR.

Wait there’s more when at OTR you’ll also witness the creation of World’s Largest Paper Mache Mural, where kids can enjoy a unique experience of attempting to make a World Record, courtesy Kraftoons.

Wrapping up:

Observing my HUGE circle of friends, I have discovered something – Every mom has a different parenting style, and if ‘sharing is caring’ is your preferred parenting mantra, then worry-not mommy dearest we’ll help you spread the joy. Just bring your kiddo’s books when you are visiting OTR and you can be a part of Coimbatore’s largest Book Donation Drive.
Oh, did I mention all this fun-and-frolic comes at a cost – Money? Naah! It’s your kiddo’s

Precious smile!

The only catch to this super-duper fun fiesta is that it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. So what are you waiting for? Strap on your seat belts and hurry to join us at OTR.
We are waiting!

© Sheela Joby


Home Decor through Old windows

Home Décor is as much about pursuing the effective use of space, comfort, look and design of the house as about individual taste, habits and behavior. Although home décor has been historically defined by the rigid contours of the houses offered by the retailers, however people have always explored the possibility of giving special and aesthetic personal touches to achieve the exalted ecstasy of converting a house into a ‘home’. English author Mary Hewels advocated,

One of my strongest convictions and one of the first canons of good taste is that our houses, like the fish’s shell and the bird’s nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits.”


A well ‘decored’ home is the artistic expression of the habitat. A design is a solace for comfort. The endeavor for achieving this artistic comfort has expanded to the utilization of the old, used items for a variety of creative ways, as showpieces as well as items of utility. Be it holders for portraits, Coffee Table, Study desk, Wallboard, item holders, etc., old windows find use in infinitesimal ways of lighting up the lives of its houses. In the following passages, we shall discover some new reasons to open the garage shutters and dust off old windows.

  1. Photo Displays for Reminiscing Fabulous Live Moments

The most common and easy usage of our windows is using them as lovely photo displays. It offers an exquisite elite board for pinning portraits of variable size and designs. Just pin them or bind them with strings; even nails may be hammered to provide for a hanging display.



  1. Own That Special Vintage Coffee Table or Study Table

 Old Windows can be easily used as extraordinary window tables or cute study tables by placing them on top of our regular tables. Another option is to hinge them on the hinges. A special feature of such tables shall be the decorative options that they offer as one can easily place a variety of stones, beads, shells or even portraits beneath the glassy surface of the window. The outlines do offer a vintage and regal look.



  1. Special Rustic Key Holder

Ever remember visiting the 70s Café in the South Delhi with their retro look and the gorgeous key holder behind the receptionist desk. Just add a few nails on the edges and you have a most regal and dazzling key holder with you. To add a little razzmatazz, use decorative plastics and papers at places. My favorite, just nails all over and lets the keys hang.

For the more creative part of the house, it shall act as an organizer for those beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Easy, Neat and Super looking jewelry holder. Sport-lovers could only hang their badminton, tennis racquets and boxing gloves.


  1. A Quotation Board, Chalk Board, Notice Board All In One

Ever worried about your two-year’s cute habits of using chalks or pens to write on walls or her favorite graffiti? – “My Papa is the Best”. Take a few nails and hang your old windows in the drawing room or even study room.

Even you can indulge and write quotations for the day or for someone in the house, who specializes in ‘forgetting things’; stick-on for day’s and week’s activities, to-do tasks and anniversary reminders.

  1. Your Own Cubicle at Home

 Just fix the window near your favorite home table, mark your space and a chair and voila! You have your own office cubicle at home. The boundaries are thick and fast and no one’s allowed to enter.

 The above options are just a few of the unlimited options to explore in this cute, little and savory way of salvaging old windows and add that extra ‘exquisiteness’ and some royalty to your favorite abode on earth, your own home.

© Sheela Joby


Social Media-The Most Effective Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents

Real estate is a business which depends greatly on personal contacts. But in order to succeed in the industry as a real estate agent, one needs to have a good presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. Here are some points which you need to follow to find out why social sites are important for real estate agents:-

Realtors with a good presence on social media make a great number of connections

As a real estate agent, you need to post the listings of your services on social media. As a result, your locality will attract a greater number of prospective clients looking for interior decoration and furniture for social occasions like marriages, birthday parties etc. If you are new to this profession post about your services in the neighborhood, explain about its plus points and how it will make social occasions better for the present as well as existing residents.

Promote social events which take place in your locality

 Post social events taking place in the immediate neighborhood on social networking sites. This will make people living in other areas familiar with the furniture renting and interior decoration service.

Pictures and videos speak a hundred words

You can also share pictures and videos which tell stories. This is because most people who use social networking sites prefer to go through stories based on them instead of text alone. There is no need to spend a huge sum on that either. Use your smartphone in order to take pictures and short videos of clients and all the exciting things happening in your target areas. You can easily upload it on any other social networking site. At the same time, try to make sure that the posts which you share on Facebook or Twitter are not too generic or too promotional.

In case, you find something interesting about interior decoration services, then don’t hesitate to share it in these sites. Your priority should be on creating posts which show your company’s ventures in an interesting manner. Keep a track of the people you are following online community and find out how they are engaging with your page.

Pay special attention to increasing number of likes on social media pages

One of the key factors behind the success of your company’s website on social media is by delighting your clients on a regular basis. Create contests and encourage your clients to join a conversation for a chance to win gift cards. Delighted clients will share their experience with people who are close to them.

Judicious use of Facebook

Compared to other social networking sites, Facebook is one of the most suitable places for promoting interior decoration services. Post interesting information about the different types of furniture available in the market. Make sure that most of the content is based on the lifestyle and interests of the client while the remaining should be about the services you are offering to them.

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Home Décor – Exploring Horizons to create the perfect ambiance


Home décor has been a chosen area of research and innovation since early times. Home decorators and designers have continually explored new horizons to create an expanse, giving not only visual and physical pleasure but also take one into realms beyond the limits of the walls and boundaries. Use of decorative lights and strategic color themes with lots of personalized items placed across the three-dimensional space in single as well as multi-layers help to create a world of dreams that one certainly wants to experience with eyes awake. Even minimal usage of props presents its own charm.

Wall Murals – Innovative Way to Express Oneself

This constant search to reach hitherto unknown levels has witnessed the adoption of wall murals as a new way to express oneself through the walls, floors, and corridors. A sports fan delights the visitors with the vibrant and energy-filled presence of sports action on his walls. A nature lover opts to present an unending ocean or deep woods to experience the peace within and outside. With their intricate designs and infinite possibilities, wall murals have gained in vast popularity in personal home spaces as well as businesses.

London City Murals – Iconic yet Majestic

The City of London has always retained a fascinating spot in the hearts of many. The iconic Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey occupy a special place in the hearts and memories of all visitors, be it through personal visits or secondary visits through novels, movies, etc. The early morning skyline or the Big Ben at Sunset across the River Thames, each highlights a London so modern, yet deeply engrossed in its history. Amongst the most loved cities across the world, London is a city of countless undefined layers



Choose a Black and White Mural of the London streets or the irresistible Red phone booths and double-decker buses, the mural transports one into the world of dreams with unique possibilities. Share a room with your beloved Sherlock Holmes or sleep adjacent to the marvelous green pitch of the Lord’s Cricket Stadium.


London never sleeps and yet, it awakens a million new possibilities in the hearts of its dwellers and visitors alike. Bringing London to one’s own room is a desire that has been shared by millions across centuries. With unlimited mural designs brought about through the innovative usage of lights, colors, and 3D works, this well-nurtured desire has effortlessly gained its access to the rooms of one and all.


Like they say, London is not far away anymore.

© Sheela Joby

Envision the world where individuals have brought a vast change in themselves and not forcing others to change.

The initial step is to change yourself- See how simple it is. It’s far superior to transforming another person. The most amusing thing today is that we say that our brain is not in our control and we attempt to control others psyches and identities. Doesn’t that sound senseless


Let’s talk about Ladies Safety! Regard Women. Men of India have been taught to show superiority over women. This fact makes a big impact on the minds of young ones. So, people have to foster capable individuals by having a strong and very positive influence on the kids, on the next generation. The young ones have to be taught to respect women, to uphold what is right and what is humane. Rather than showing them a picture of suppressing women, dominating over women, they have to be taught that women must be respected otherwise their families will never grow and develop. Where women are not respected there that land never develops.

Moreover, each young lady ought to have the Right to Live, Right to Education and Right to Marry (no respect executing).

Let us look at another issue- Debasement in India. How many of us are confronting the challenge of demonetization and it’s after effects? I think no one can escape that situation. But to actualize the dream of the big leaders of India, we need to go through such painful times. However harsh the reality is, once we face it, it gives us immense power to regenerate that old spirit in us and rekindles the hope of winning. To win is very important in life, otherwise, we would never be able to help our society grow and will allow the negative forces to take possession of our bodies which would eventually harm others.  It will be a sin committed by us then.

Good governance is the need of the hour. Many people are critics of the present government. But they have forgotten that even previous governments were not deserving of appreciation and acknowledgment. So why catch hold of just one person or his government. What is the use? Rather, we should be encouraged to do our best and bring the best government through our wise decisions during the election time. that is the peak time when we should work on deciding the best for our country, but we are actually not executing our responsibilities. Then why do we expect our government to be responsible?

It is needless to say humanitarian work and service to all our citizens is immensely required.  If it comes to the elderly people, we need to begin by deciding the correct age of retirement for the government officials and take care of them properly. The scene is just the reverse in the present times. For their own pensions, the elderly have to run up and down.

Then the black money has to be curbed and the new inflow of black money has to be blocked. There is an urgent need for stringent laws and regulations. Their strict implementation is very essential.

Population control can never be neglected. It is an issue that needs further study, research, and solutions. Proper framing of the laws again is the need of the time. seepage and sewage are the two most important entities to be worked at with full vigor. Broken streets and potholes have to be covered up with concrete material. Drinking water facilities have to be improvised. The agrarian economy has to be boosted with all kinds of development. The power supply is yet another daily requirement which has to be secured for the general public.

Reservation in government jobs is a menace or a boon, it has to be resolved now. The ratio of police to the people is ought to be balanced. It has an imbalance ratio at present all over the country. Regulation of greenery cannot be done away with.  Apart from these issues, poverty alleviation and housing program for the poor requires complete support. For this and other issues, moral values need to be inculcated in the Indians, which they have forgotten.

And all this needs a perfect administration. It will channelize the energy of youth in the right direction and will give them appropriate employment opportunities. then comes the issue of utilization of renewable energy like wind, water, and solar energy.

Coming back to the government, a thorough investigation needed to be done on the improper use of government facilities by the government officials. Al the luxuries of such people have to be checked and controlled. Even the legislators have to check the language used. They might use derogatory language. More issues to be dealt with are – discrimination on any basis, hunger alleviation program using 1098, growth and development of smaller cities.  Then, all the street creatures must be protected. Technological advancement has to be worked upon urgently.

The courtrooms are filled therefore mobile courts or courts that provide immediate solutions are required. The mental makeup of the Indians which is usually the “Chalta hai” attitude, that means “let it be” attitude has to change. The Indians need to change themselves and a proper regulation is required for each thing. Why the people are not developing themselves may not be answered easily but that is the primary reason for India’s backwardness in every field. Simple putting all these factors makes India vulnerable to world’s mockery which not every Indian can tolerate. The rest of the Indians are just not bothered, they are only bothered about “my name, my fame, my money, my family, my children, my job, my career, etc…”.  This “My” is not getting dissolved. Until this “My” is dissolved, no more development would be done.

A crucial work is to spread the India culture like never before. It is not to convert or propagate but it is the high time when Indian culture needs to be sung out and all the Indians must be made to realize that they have forgotten an important phase of their life. Our culture is our heritage and we must respect and uphold it.

© Sheela Joby




















Museum of Toilets

Museum of wax models, the museum of artifacts and antique articles, the museum of arms and weapons and many such museums are already prevalent in the world. But nowhere has anyone seen a museum of toilets, which was established in the year 1992 by Shri Bindeshwar Pathak. The museum is located in Palam, New Delhi. Those who have heard and read about this for the first time must be questioning the very idea of opening such a museum. The story of the museum of toilets begins with an idea to exhibit the varieties of toilets from all around the world and from ancient times.


Image source- sulabhtoiletmuseum.org

India has seen growth in many areas, but the cleanliness target in India is still lagging behind. To encourage people to take up good sanitation habits, Dr. Pathak started a program called Sulabh International, which helps in the construction and maintenance of toilets in the rural and semi-urban areas in the country. He also founded the Museum of toilets that showcase the toilet systems of all many countries of the world. Embassies of many countries were approached through letters for fetching the information about the toilet systems in their respective countries and also if any, information was available regarding ancient toilet systems in their countries.

A lot of search-research was conducted to establish the museum and bring in ample information about the toilets. After three years of consistent research, sufficient information was collected in the form of books, magazines, photographs, etc. each information is placed chronologically and creatively. Some models are also placed which depict the toilets of various styles and country culture. The rare toilet systems used around the world from 2500 B.C are depicted here with the help of models and pictures. Chamber pots, bidets toilet furniture, privies, water closets from 1145 to the present times are shown in the museum. The efforts of depicting these toilet systems of countries all around the world also exhibit the technology of both present and past times, social customs related toilet, sanitary conditions, toilet etiquettes, administrative and legislative decisions related to a toilet of all the times.

Toilets systems of the past times

People would be surprised to know that there were also poems written that were related to the toilet. The museum has such a collection of poems. The English people were used to the toilets when they would go on camping and hunting. Such toilet commodes were made up in the shape of the treasure chest and they were mobile commodes, specially designed for the time of camping and hunting. It also shows how toilet systems worked before the times when water closets were not invented. The most surprising feature of the toilets of the past times was that some of them, especially belonging to the big and royal clans, were ornamentally decorated.

In fact, the Roman emperors would use a toilet made up of gold and silver. The first use and invention of the flush system are depicted here. The flush system was invented by Sir John Harrington, who was one of the courtiers of Queen Elizabeth I. the evolution of toilet systems and technological developments in it are shown by various region, like Lothal, from the Indus Valley Civilization. Significant changes and development of the sewerage systems and drainage systems of the world are also shown.  The early developments in the technology of Europe are shown. This museum has been included in the list of world’s ten weirdest museums.


Image source- blessedquietness.com

Aims and objectives of establishing the museum

The knowledge provided through the museum would help sanitation experts to deal with the modern civilization’s problems of sanitation. It would also help the manufacturers of toilets systems and equipment to develop the technology further to address the needs of the modern civilization and the future generations. A major part belongs to the increase of knowledge of the researchers who gets to know about the technology of the past era, the drainage system, the kind of social customs regarding sanitation etc. for the students it is of immense help, as it shows them the trends of the past times and early developments in the sanitation. Policy makers are benefitted in the way of getting knowledge about how to administer and legislate in the case of sanitation.

Group visits

People who like to visit in groups, if they inform the management of the museum beforehand, then the group is provided with complete guidance about the museum. Also, they are guided through the tour of the museum with a trained volunteer for the specific interests of the groups, including sign interpretations.

The development of the toilet system

There has not been much study conducted on toilet systems anywhere in the world, due to inhibitions like – this is something menial, does not require attention, etc. though, the founder of the Museum of toilets has confirmed the views of certain activists and social reformers of the past times and present times who kept on urging people to use proper sanitation facilities. Such scholars also kept urging to their respective governments about the need to develop proper facilities for public toilets. In Roman civilization and Harappan civilization, toilet facilities were very well-developed, which has been confirmed from archaeological excavations. There have been stories about the cures of diseases through human and animal excreta. How can the governments and people think this issue is a trivial issue when it is of such importance. A Proper system of defecation is directly connected with hygiene.

If the hygiene of any country is to be maintained, then both public toilets and household toilets are to be developed. The population of every country has faced problems of open defecations and government has come out with solutions as well. India has also faced this problem for a long period. During the British rule, India was considered as an unhygienic country because open defecation had become a norm here. Moreover, people were not willing to accept change in this habit. Now has the time come when India should change this habit by rooting out this problem from its nib. Sulabh International has been successful in meeting the challenge of development of toilets all over the country, specifically in rural areas. Still, a lot has to be improved as the impoverished population in some remote areas has not been able to free itself from the unhygienic habits of open defecation due to various factors.

When looked upon from a larger context, it is not only India that has been facing such issues, but there have been many countries in the world that have faced the problem of open defecation in the past and are now enabled to live a healthier life by accepting the hygienic trends of sanitation.

© Sheela Joby

Zorbing in Bangalore: the newest adventure activities to have captured the interest of adventure lovers.


Rejuvenation is the key to de-stress yourself

With a workaholic schedule, the service and business class people barely take out time for their recreation with family or friends. Bangalore is one such city that is dotted with various spots for short vacation along with adventurous activities. There are some places in and around Bangalore for the people to explore their real self. These places are perfect as a stress buster for young and old. It is necessary to reduce stress else it might lead to a migraine, depression, work holism and lack of interest in any of the social events. With so many adventurous activities offered by the city, Zorbing is gaining more attention from the whole.


Understanding the need of such a recreational place for all the age groups, Zorbing in Bangalore: the newest adventure activity to have captured the interest of adventure lovers, is the best way to keep your stress at bay. Situated amidst the cyber city of Bangalore, zorbing is a new way to explore and enjoy adventurous water sport within your city and at very affordable prices. One need not travel outside the city to enjoy the water sports in a water amusement park. The peak season is the hot, scorching summer season varying from May to July when the kids too are able and excited for the adventure trip in their local area. It is an opportunity to explore the newest water sports to be introduced in your city at very feasible cost. Bangalore is the first in India to introduce such a sports café for corporate and business sector.  Zorbing in Bangalore: the newest adventure activities to have captured the interest of adventure lovers, is running successfully since its establishment.

Instead of planning a whole picnic or outing, one can go for zorbing sports club which is open for 24 – hours at your service and charges you a nominal price of 120. Advance bookings are also made to manage the crowd at the peak season and time. They also offer special packages for family, corporate colleagues, friends, and couples on various occasions to attract the audience to their hub. A zorbing is a recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside a huge globe-riding ball, which looks like a sphere or orbit generally made of transparent plastic. The size varies according to the person.  Zorbing is generally performed on a gentle slope, but can also be done on a level surface in pubs and clubs around Bangalore or any other city to infatuate public for leisure activities.


The place is made across lush green lawns with water pool all around its place. Nowadays people have started organizing corporate conferences, meetings and gathering at such place to rejuvenate and discuss the dealings and engagements at such an outing where they can plan their strategies as well as relish out their stress.

  • Feel the ultimate thrill and fun of the activity and refresh your inner-self amidst the cool waters and lush green lawns for outdoor sports.
  • Participate and enjoy the amazing activity of water zorbing and related water sports under the guidance of professional experts.
  • Rock and roll inside the ball on water and improve your body balance and flexibility.
  • Fresh feel after a hectic weekend to start way with a completely new spirit toward work.

Explore your inner self by kick-starting your day with jumbo water ball adventure at your nearest sports café


It is said to be an amazing activity where you will be put inside a giant transparent ball with oxygen pores enabled, in the water and you need to roll on the water with the ball. This all-new pleasure sport has gained immense popularity in Bangalore and rest parts of India in the previous years. Avoiding the usual amusement parks and gaming zone in the water parks, try this wonderful activity for sure. The sports are imitated under the guidance of professional experts to have fun and enjoy. It helps children and adults to learn to balance themselves inside the ball and roll it over.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket right away and de-stress yourself with cool waters and adventure nearest at your doorstep and be revitalized without spending a ransom amount as you may spend on a week vacation. Feel the ultimate fun in waters and soak in the cool blues in this hot unbearable heat. De-stress and refresh yourself, breaking away from your pressurized and hectic schedule at your workplace.

© Sheela Joby